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Pricing and Insurance Information

A complete contact lens fitting costs $150 to $200, depending on your prescription and type of lenses selected by your optometrist. This includes the initial visit, teaching visit and follow-up appointment.

The cost of an annual contact lens examination for established Armstrong George Cohen Will Ophthalmology patients is $65. The initial examination for new patients who are current contact lens wearers is $80.

The prices of contact lenses vary as widely as the types of lenses available, ranging from $30 a box for disposable soft lenses to more than $80 for an individual gas permeable lens. The optometrist will discuss pricing with you when deciding which type of lenses to order.

Armstrong George Will Cohen Ophthalmology is committed to offering competitive prices for contact lenses. We inform patients about manufacturer discounts and rebates that may lower the cost of certain brands of contact lenses.

We participate in most insurance plans that cover contact lenses. Our contact lens technician will assist you in determining your insurance coverage eligibility.

Our prices are competitive with on-line contact lens websites!

  • We apply any insurance discounts to your original pricing, before rebates.
  • Many manufacturers offer rebates when you order 6-month or 12-month supplies. This is based on the manufacturer’s recommended replacement schedule. We will give you these rebate forms with your contacts.
  • In addition, Armstrong George Cohen Will Ophthalmology offers a $5 a box discount when you order a 12-month supply of contacts.  This is based on the manufacturer’s recommended replacement schedule.  You may save up to $40 a year!
  • We can mail your year’s supply of contacts directly to your home, with no shipping charge.